Maths resources in Cardiff & S.E Wales

My name is Ian Roblin and I am an experienced Mathematics teacher

(Key Stages 2/3, GCSE, AS/A level), having completed my PGCE in 1996 at Hull University. I have now specialised in writing and retailing GCSE, 'AS' and 'A' level exam model answers and other learning resources. I loved Mathematics at school (Llanishen H.S & Cardiff H.S) and I passed the following Mathematics examinations :

'O' level Mathematics (with Calculus/Co-ordinate Geometry) A*

'OA' level Additional Mathematics A

'A' level Mathematics (Pure/Applied) B

I graduated in Economics [BSc (Econ) Hons 2(2) at UWIST (Cardiff Business School)] because I became interested in Economics during the 6th form and I was attracted by the fact that Mathematics concepts, such as Algebra, Calculus & Statistics, formed the bedrock and foundation of the discipline.

Whatever the level or ability of your child, I will devise a programme of work to satisfy your child's academic needs, particularly at GCSE/AS/A level.

Model exam answer scripts retail at £25 per hour for GCSE and £30 for 'AS' and 'A' level while educational resources, handouts and other model answers retail at £25 per pack. For example, a portfolio of explanatory handouts and model answers for, say, Continuous Probability Distribution functions ('A' level Statistics) would cost £25 per pack. Exemplar handouts are available for inspection only, on request.

In addition, I also offer an email consultancy service (flat fee of £15) where I can address any Maths problems encountered at school. I am also able to accommodate individuals preparing for numeracy tests in the armed forces, teacher training and other professions.

My self-learning educational philosophy rests on :

a) showing every step in a calculation to avoid careless errors and gain maximum marks

b) extensive use of exam model answers, written by myself

c) instilling self-belief in my tutees and inspiring tutees to enjoy Mathematics and its applications to other academic disciplines eg Economics, Physics.

Please enjoy and utilise my Website !

[For personal reasons, I have discontinued my tuition from 31/10/14. This Website now serves solely as an online educational resource.]