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Tips for study at GCSE/AS/A level

'My daughter was tutored by Ian for GCSE Foundation level. His patience and great tutoring technique helped her gain much confidence and consequently obtain the top grade ('C') possible. I would highly recommend Ian Roblin'

Anne Evans, Llandaff, Cardiff

1) After a day at school, take 10/15 minutes to read and review work covered in class that day (Analogy : 'Don't let the dishes pile up in the sink')

2) Take class tests seriously as they enable you to work consistently throughout the duration of your Mathematics course

3) Show every step in your calculations because :

a) you will avoid careless errors

b) you will gain more marks

c) your improved presentation of mathematical analysis will impress employers (eg the skills are conducive to good report-writing)

4) Refer to a recommended text for guidance on theory, browse the Internet for suitable resources and utilise your local library services. Pay attention to issues such as :

a) font size and type

b) readability, clarity and accessibility of the text material

c) the quality and number of student test exercises

Remember that, outside of the classroom, the textbook is your teacher.

5) Answering topic questions is the best practice and don't be afraid to ask your teacher for 'model' answers to set questions

6) Attempt all relevant past exam questions and, after a serious attempt, consult the departmental 'bank' of 'model' answers

7) Monitor how Mathematics is applied and utilised across the school curriculum, particularly in physical Sciences (eg Physics). Numeracy provides 'the keys' to access any school curriculum

8) A 15 minute session devoted to question practice can be fitted into your day at any point

9) Get plenty of sleep, eat well and develop interests outside study

10) Enjoy the subject and embrace it !!! Mathematics will help any future career and it will boost your self-confidence in a tough market-place

'Education is the best gift that you can give a child'